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As a solution provider you are an important part of the Data community in the Nordics and beyond. We understand that as a solution provider you seek for something more than just knowledge sharing and networking and for that reason we want to make this day more meaningful for you. Our event format guarantees fresh and radical new ideas, learning and networking. For you, dear partners, it is a one-off-opportunity to promote yourself as a thought leader and get face to face with key prospects.

Sponsorship Packages

All packages are limited and on first come-first served basis. On this edition the exhibition is limited to 15 expo stands. Price for packages without expo is 10 000 SEK less than the packages presented bellow. Single Vendor ticket price 12 000 SEK. All prices are excluding VAT.

Package Moderator Guru Evangelist Educator Thought Leader Co-Host Partner
Full Entrance Passes 3 3 3 4 5 6
Expo Space 2 x 1,5 sqm 2 x 1,5 sqm 2 x 1,5 sqm 2 x 1,5 sqm 2 x 1,5 sqm 2 x 1,5 sqm
Customer Presentation in Track
Presentation in Track
How to Crash Course
Round Table Moderator
Branding Online/Print
(VAT Excluded)
65 660 SEK 80 960 SEK 90 960 SEK 100 660 SEK 147 320 SEK 233 980 SEK

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